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Going Green: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Crafts and Fashion

As a society, we can no longer pretend that pollution isn’t a serious problem. There are many contributors to that problem in terms of industry, fashion and art among them, and that’s what has prompted many artisans and designers to alter their methods and take a more eco-friendly approach. Click to read more.

Soaps By Heather

What started as a hobby became a business for Heather in 2016, and she’s never looked back. Using only natural products, handmaking soaps is Heather’s outlet and as a Mum, a creative way for her to give something back to herself.

Ten years on from making her first handmade soap, Soaps by Heather is a successful and thriving small business operating out of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Influenced by the stunning landscape around her, Heather uses a range of different foods, clays and botanicals to make a unique product not found anywhere else. 

Soaps By Heather